Reengineering for a more sustainable future

Using its considerable rail industry experience and renewable energy expertise, we are helping to meet the challenge of lower carbon emissions by embarking on a series of projects that involve converting diesel locomotives to battery technology, with modern electronics and control systems, resulting in cleaner vehicles with vastly reduced emissions.

Introducing PT Powertrain™ and PT Powerpod™ from Positive Traction Limited (PTL). An affordable and cost-effective solution to convert existing diesel locomotives to battery power, removing obsolescence, reducing CO² emissions and future proofing.

PT Powerpod™

PT Powerpod™ contains the batteries, Battery Management System (BMS), charger and ancillaries that can be sized and arranged depending on power requirements, which in turn is based on the operational behaviour and duty cycle of the locomotive. A standard PT Powerpod™ contains 48 cell modules (batteries) and delivers 88 kWh.

For example, an existing project that PTL is currently engaged on involves the installation of up to six PT Powerpod™ onto a locomotive providing a total of 528 kWh of energy. This is more than sufficient to allow an 8-hour cycle of operation without charging. The PT Powerpods™ are 'stacked' to achieve locomotive power requirements, duty cycle and charging intervals.

PT Powertrain™

PT Powertrain™ provides the traction control elements for a locomotive battery conversion solution. This includes:

  • DC Chopper(s)
  • Logic control
  • Full bidirectional motor control
  • Solid state forward/reverse switching
  • Regenerative braking function
  • Slip/slide control
  • Comprehensive system monitoring

In addition, PT Powertrain™ includes traction software that provides:

  • Control functions - Off, forward, reverse, notch setting
  • Battery status - Battery health, charging levels, discharge rate
  • Monitoring facilities - Air reservoir pressure, brake pipe pressure, brake cylinder pressure, emergency brake status
  • Driver interface - Easy to use touch control screens
  • Diagnostics and data control
  • Remote control

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